Introducing The World's FirstSuper Premium Cocktail Shot.

LIQS brings together the essence of a fresh cocktail and the convenience of a ready-to-drink shot to provide you with the perfect party starter.

no bartender?
no problem.

These super premium, ready-made cocktail shots will ignite those spontaneous moments with friends, turning a regular party into something unforgettable.

your flask will

Whether you’re pre-gaming, at a pool party, or out on the town, LIQS give you the freedom to enjoy a shot anywhere, anytime!

mixology without
the mixologist.

LIQS cocktail shots use only the highest quality ingredients. Top-shelf spirits combined with all-natural flavors, LIQS cocktail shots are low calorie and contain no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Like you, we only expect the best.


It takes passion, innovation, and the finest natural ingredients to encapsulate the essence of a skillfully designed cocktail in a shot.

In our opinion, top-shelf spirits and natural flavors make the perfect couple, so we’ve married them to create the ideal combination of flavor and potency. Whether partying at home or out on the town, LIQS are the perfect addition to any night.

What gets the party started better than a tequila shot? A tequila shot infused with cinnamon and orange!


We enlisted the finest tequila connoisseurs to blend the subtle spice of cinnamon with fresh orange to create an irresistible balance of spicy and sweet. You’ll never look at a tequila shot the same way again.

  • 120Cals
  • Carbo-
  • Sugars6g

Because when the party starts to fade, all you need is a refresher.


By combining the cooling nature of cucumber with the citrus of lime, we’ve created an ideal mix to blend with our super premium vodka. The result? A light and refreshing cocktail shot perfect for any occasion.

  • 90Cals
  • Carbo-
  • Sugars2g

Refreshing. Simply cool. This popular shot is a modern twist on a traditional favorite.


Originally made from vodka, triple sec and lime juice, the kamikaze has been a nightlife staple for years. We’ve infused ours with the finest citrus and a hint of natural vanilla that will surprise and energize your taste buds.

  • 100Cals
  • Carbo-
  • Sugars4g

Welcome to Paradise. Transport yourself to palm trees, DJ's and dance parties on daybeds.


The most fruit forward of our cocktail shots, we keep the flavors natural, not overly sweet. The citrus of grapefruit balances effortlessly with the sweetness of lychee.

  • 90Cals
  • Carbo-
  • Sugars2g