LIQS Cocktail Shots, the world's first premixed cocktail shot, are changing the game with their portable ready-made mixtures of premium spirits, real fruit juice and natural flavors. As leading innovators within the Ready-to-Drink category, it is no wonder that LIQS has become a celebrity, influencer and consumer favorite at top music festivals, major arenas and high profile events.

In so many places where we share a drink with friends, making a good tasting shot is not always easy or convenient. Bartenders don't usually have the time to create a perfectly balanced, premium shot, but more often, a watered-down concoction using cheap alcohol and mixers.  On top of that, mixing up shots on-the-go or outdoors is nearly impossible.  Music festivals, tailgating, boating trips, golf outings -- so many places where it’s not ideal to indulge in the spirit of taking shots but we should be! 

LIQS are sold in five flavors and available at liquor stores, bars, nightclubs, hotels, golf courses, music venues, festivals and many other venues across the country.