LIQS: [LIKS] Short for Liquor Shots.

COCKTAIL SHOTS: A "Cocktail In A Shot Glass" that can be shot, sipped or poured over ice. Perfectly balanced so that a chaser is not needed.

LIQS COCKTAIL SHOT: Premium spirits combined with real fruit juice and all-natural flavors, LIQS are low sugar, low calorie and contain no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. Proudly Made in the USA.


164 Cals · 17g Carbs · 13g Sugar

Our Whiskey FireShot combines premium, craft-distilled whiskey with pure cinnamon and vanilla crème to create our most dangerously delicious shot yet.

109 Cals · 6g Carbs · 5g Sugar

Typically made from vodka, triple sec and lime juice, we've infused ours with a hint of natural vanilla that elevates this classic shot.

123 Cals · 8g Carbs · 7g Sugar

Arguably the most popular shot in America, we use real lemon juice and raw sugar cane to create our version of this delicious sweet & sour classic.

150 Cals · 9g Carbs · 9g Sugar

LIQS is the first brand to blend both cinnamon and orange with a premium tequila. This mind-blowing flavor combination is an industry first and will change the way you look at a tequila shot.

102 Cals · 5g Carbs · 4g Sugar

The most fruit forward of our cocktail shots, we keep the flavors natural, not overly sweet. The citrus of grapefruit balances effortlessly with the sweetness of lychee.